Legal Address for Netherlands Company

If you are in the process of starting a company in the Netherlands, you have to fulfill certain steps such as finding a company agent to assist you with the registration of your BV company with the public notary, the Chamber of Commerce and tax office. However, you also need a legal address for your business.

If you live outside of the Netherlands you need a local Dutch business address to register your Dutch BV company. We provide this service for all companies that which to register in the Netherlands. Dutch BV's, Dutch solitary proprietorship and more.

Our business addresses are great value for your business, not only do we offer competitive pricing and discount for annual payment. We also have prestigious office addresses that will inspire confidence in your suppliers and customers.

We have a businesscenter in Amsterdam or Rotterdam. Amsterdam is slightly higher priced because of the higher rent prices, which come from a higher interest in the city.

Rotterdam is an excellent location for all sorts of businesses. For only €69 per month you can have a local address. If you pay one year in advance it will be only €690 for the first year, so you receive 1 month discount for annual payment. Our location manager will be glad to explain you more. In most cases we are able to provide you with a contract within 1 working day, or even the same day!

Our services are focused on providing additional value to our clients, through useful post handling services, constantly improving our locations and expanding our range of services and a customer orientated approach.

Easystart Office opens a new coworking space in Amsterdam Center

Easystart officially opened its doors in Amsterdam on 1 November, and we would like to celebrate that with our members with attractive offers in 2018.

The new location is located in Amsterdam Center in a beautiful historic Amsterdam building with prestigious high ceilings. In the coming weeks we will show more of the location Kraijenhoffstraat 137 A in Amsterdam.

We offer a cozy and informal location where you can concentrate on your business. Are you looking for flexibility and a good price? Then Easystart Amsterdam may be your ideal workplace.

More information about our packages and rates.

New Website

Simultaneously with the new location, we have also launched our new website. And we celebrate that! Do you conclude your agreement with us in 2018? Then you will receive the 1st month of any package without charge, the promotion applies to both locations!

You can of course also still register at our location in Rotterdam.

What do you offer on the new location?

You can contact us for monthly subscription for coworking (flexible use of the space), a registration address for the Chamber of Commerce or renting a private office. It is completely up to you!

Our packages and services can be used within 1 business day (or often the same day)!

Virtual Office in Amsterdam

Our virtual offices can be used for a registration address. You do not have to rent a physical office but only a registration address package. There are various advantages associated with this, such as:

If you are interested in more information about our services, please let us know. Our location manager will be happy to help you.

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Address: Kraijenhoffstraat 137-A, 1018RG Amsterdam

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