Why Register a Dutch Branch office

Some international entrepreneurs prefer to start out with a branch office in the Netherlands, before making the journey of relocating their entire business. Sometimes a branch office is more practical to deal with suppliers, customers or business partners in the European area.

Perhaps you would like to ‘test the waters’ to see if your business could work in the Netherlands, you have hired staff in the Netherlands. Or perhaps you want to meet suppliers before moving to the Netherlands. A branch office is ideal in these situations.

What are the requirements?

If you are looking to register your foreign company in the Netherlands, you will need to fulfil a few requirements of a permanent establishment. One of the requirements is to have a registered office in the Netherlands. With a registered office address you can register your firm in the Netherlands chamber of commerce.

Why do I need a registered office for my branch?

All companies which are registered in the Dutch Chamber of commerce need to have a valid business address in the Netherlands, foreign companies usually register at a registered office.

If you do business in the European area, customers and suppliers will ask you for a local VAT number and your registration number from the corporate registry. These two numbers can only be applied for after registering in the trade register.

What is a branch office?

A registered office is a legal address from where the company is allowed to conduct its business operations. The address is the official address for the authorities.

A registered office is sometimes referred to as a Virtual Office in The Netherlands. Read More.

Easystart Office provides registered offices in Rotterdam and Amsterdam, the two primary cities in the Netherlands.

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