Frequently asked questions

1. Is the registration address valid for the Chamber of Commerce / Official registration address? 
Yes, our addresses are according to all official regulations to officially register your firm on.

2. How do I change my address at the Chamber of Commerce?
First you need our rent contract. Then you can submit an address change with the Chamber of Commerce. In case you have a new company, you need to provide the KvK (or notary) with the rental contract.

3. How quickly can I receive the contract
Our office managers will send the contract within 24 hours after receipt of your documents. Usually the contract will be made the same day.

4. Can I register multiple companies on your address?
Yes that is possible, please contact us for a special offer for an address for your holding structure.

5. How do I receive the post?
However you wish, scanned or unopened sent to you by post. For the forwarding of post we do charge a fixed fee for the postal cost.

6. What are the prices?
A business address in Rotterdam costs €59 per month, Amsterdam €69 per month. For all pricing and packages see our pricing page.

7. Do you offer personal registration addresses?
No, we cannot offer residential addresses, only for businesses.

8. May I use the address on my website?
Yes, you can use it on your website, printing, logo’s, invoices, with the Chamber of Commerce and to receive your official mail.

9. What is the cancellation time for flexworking or a registration address?
Our cancellation term is 1 calender month.

10. If I have any questions about what is written in my letters, or I need help translating something, can I ask you?
Our staff are not allowed to help you with answering questions on the contents of your post. We also cannot provide comments on the contents of the scanned mail. For questions on the contents of your letters, correspondence from banks or the tax authorities it would be best to consult your accountant or bookkeeper.