General terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions Easystart

Coworking space Easystart Rotterdam is a coworking community, located at Overwegwachter 4, 3034KG Rotterdam (the Netherlands), registered in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce under number 71682007.

Member is a customer or coworker of Easystart who has signed a contract for one of the services.


  • Service provider provides company accommodation, custom workspace, related services and additional services such as rental of meeting and presentation rooms;
  • Member is a legal form that is interested in business accommodation, tailor-made workspace and related services for business activities. Member participates in the coworking community of Service Provider;
  • Service provider takes care of the management of the space, the management of the mail processing and the management of the administration concerning this service for the Member;


  1. Service provider is a specialized business center (also known as coworker center);
  2. Service provider has both office spaces and workspaces, storage and warehouse spaces, and spaces suitable for transport and fulfillment services;
  3. Service provider provides secretarial and logistic support including mail and package processing and e-fulfillment (receipt, forwarding and sending);
  4. The Member has no other sustainable location that can be designated as the main establishment;
  5. Member wishes to make use of the services of the Service Provider as described in this agreement;

Terms of Membership Coworking Community Easystart

Article 1 – Agreement

1.1 This agreement applies to Service Provider and Member. Service provider offers business accommodation, ‘tailor-made’ workspace and related services to companies and freelancers for business use. Member is an entrepreneur who wants to carry out his work at Service Provider’s location.

1.2 A single agreement is concluded for each company, you can also include several companies in one contract, provided that it has the same owner or director. In this case, we can offer a combination price because we only need to have one customer administration and customer file for you. You will therefore receive only one invoice.

1.3. An organization is represented to Easystart Rotterdam by one or more individuals or employees.

1.4. Coworking at Easystart Rotterdam is always linked to a company or company (s) explicitly mentioned in an agreement, coworking is not transferable.

1.5. Easystart relies on its contractual freedom to refuse companies or entrepreneurs for its services. Reasons for this include, but are not limited to; Business activities are not permitted at the location, risk branches, risky activities, possible integrity risks, possible violation of legal provisions, business activities are subject to licensing, creditworthiness or negative media,

Article 2 – Duration
2.1 These agreements generally last one (1) year from the date of signature of the agreement and will be extended by automatic renewal each time without prior written notice for a period of one (1) year.

2.2 Termination of these agreements during the period of the agreement is possible with due consideration of the notice period of one (1) calendar month. This means that the next calendar month is the last billable month.

2.3. Easystart only works with full calendar months for the subscription duration.

2.4. Coworking starts after payment of the contribution, on the agreed date in the contract, and applies for the duration as specified in the contract. The agreement can be dissolved without payment.

2.5. In case of prepayment of a certain period, the agreement can not be terminated prematurely. Upon termination, the agreement ends after the last period to which the Member is entitled. Termination must take place at the latest, one calendar month before the last term.

Article 3 – Relocation

3.1 Service provider offers its services from its primary location in Rotterdam. If the Service Provider moves within Rotterdam to a comparable or better location, the Member gives permission at the signing of this agreement to automatically move to the new location.

3.2 Service provider will notice Member at least three (3) months before the move about the planned move.

3.3 If the Member does not wish to move to a comparable or better location, the Member can terminate the contract with due observance of the notice period of one (1) month

Article 4 – Membership
4.1 Member becomes a coworker at Easystart Rotterdam B.V. This membership is based on sharing the workspace.

4.2. Member uses the space (s) rented by him exclusively as office space (s). The rules of procedure apply.

4.3. Membership entitles the Member to the business space located at Overwegwachter 4, 3034KG in Rotterdam, for the sustainable performance of its business activities. The packages entitle you to;

Package A: ” Registration address ” using the coworking space for an additional fee of € 20 per part of the day.

Package B: ” Flexwork 8 hour a week.*

Package C: ” Flexwork unlimited ” 24/7 access and use of the coworking space.*

*This right is not transferable and only valid for one main renter per agreement.

Article 5 – Contributions
5.1 The basic costs of the membership package A are EUR 59 per month excluding 21% VAT. Package B € 79 per month and package C € 119 per month.

Standard prices
– Scanning of your mail is included with all packages.
– Costs for the physical forwarding of mail amount to € 9 per month, including a maximum of € 2.50 postage per week.
– Costs for an additional virtual telephone number are € 7 per month, unless it is included in a package.

5.2 For additional (postage) costs for services that have been paid extra during the period of this agreement, a separate bill will be sent periodically.

5.3 Membership fees must be paid to the Service Provider by the Member in good time, no later than the last day of the month, in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions.

5.4. Easystart is not obliged to return prepaid contributions when the Member no longer wishes to make use of the services.

5.5. Management of Easystart Rotterdam has the right to change the level of the contribution in individual cases.

5.6 Easystart reserves the right to entrepreneurs to make an offer, in such a case the offer expires within 4 weeks after the offer, unless otherwise stated.

5.7. All prices of advertisements stated by Easystart, on its website, in its communication, or in official offers are exclusive of VAT, unless stated otherwise

Article 6 – Registration at the Chamber of Commerce and post processing
6.1 When registering his business in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce, the Member may use the address of the Service Provider, namely: Overwegwachter 4, 3034KG Rotterdam.

6.2. Service Provider gives the Member permission only for the companies mentioned under Signs ‘Member’ to be able to register at the address of the Service Provider in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce.

6.3 All mail is received by the Service Provider and delivered to the Member in accordance with the agreement.  

6.4 Post can be scanned and sent in electronic format; for this Coworker grants permission to Easystart Rotterdam to open and scan the mail.
● This service is free for normal mail traffic, as well as the collection of mail by Coworker.
● Post can also be physically forwarded optionally; for this service there are additional costs of 9 euros per month (including a maximum of € 2.50 per week postage costs).
● When terminating membership, Easystart Rotterdam takes no responsibility for changing your postal address, and is therefore not responsible for forwarding mail.

Article 7 – No private address
7.1 Service Provider expressly does not give permission to Member for the use of the Service Provider’s address for registration in the Municipal Basic Administration.

Article 8 – Termination of the contract
8.1. Service Provider has the right to terminate this agreement immediately, if Member:

  1. Violates, the agreements made, including the timely payment of agreed compensation (s), compliance with the General Terms and Conditions, co-operation with lawfull compliance checks or household instructions;
  2. provided incorrect information;
  3. carries out criminal or unethical activities;
  4. Incasso problems are not timely reported to service provider and adequately dealt with

 8.2 If there is one or more of the cases as described in paragraph 1 of this Article, the Service Provider is also entitled to request the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce to deregister the Member from the Trade Register or to carry out an investigation into the Member.

8.3. Easystart is entitled to stop all services if the Member lags behind with payments 30 days or more. This is also called “service stop”.

8.4. Easystart is entitled to transfer repeatedly followed up, unpaid invoices to a debt collection agency such as DAS Incasso.

Article 9 – Cancellation of membership
9.1 Upon termination of the membership, the responsibility of the Service Provider ends for the care of the post of the Member.

9.2 Upon termination of this agreement, Member must immediately ensure correct change of address and deregistration in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce.

9.3 In the event that paragraph 2 of this Article does not apply within two weeks after termination of this agreement by the Member, the Service Provider has the right to charge EUR (€) 70, – administration costs per month to the Member. In addition, the Service Provider is entitled to request the Commercial Register of the Chamber of Commerce to deregister the Member from the Trade Register or to conduct an investigation into the Member.

Article 10 – Legal obligations, KYC and compliance

10.1. Easystart Office is obliged to adhere to the guidelines of the Wwft, and in this context it can request documents from the customer, including but not limited to; a valid identity document, additional identity documents, a recent proof of (private) residential address, a recent statement, a notary deed, an identification payment or UBO statement.

10.2. Member must cooperate in (periodic) compliance checks necessary by Dutch (AML) Law.

10.3. Member must also pass changes made by Member to the Chamber of Commerce to the Service Provider. This includes: Adjustments in (trade) names, company structure, partners (VoF), sizes (Partnership), directors, supervisory directors, liquidators and any shareholders (BV), authorized persons or authorized representatives,

10.4. Changes or cancellations of responsible persons must be communicated to Easystart Rotterdam within 10 days.

Article 11 – Services

11.1 The Service Provider supplies and is responsible for the following matters: power supply, heat supply, water supply, cleaning and internet provision.

11.2 In addition, the Service Provider shall ensure the availability of suitable workstations for the performance of office work by the Member.

11.3 Coworking in Easystart Rotterdam has various packages and these can be adapted and changed from time to time. In individual cases, management can offer an agreement adapted to the individual needs of a Coworker.

11.4 Coworkers may also use the other coworking spaces affiliated with Easystart on the same basis as Easystart. Costs for this differ per location and will be passed on in advance. Costs will be charged in the same way as for the use of Easystart Rotterdam.

These locations are currently;

Easystart Office Amsterdam

Kraijenhoffstraat 137A
1018RG Amsterdam

Easystart Rotterdam

Overwegwachter 4
3034KG Rotterdam


Posthoornstraat 17

3011WD Rotterdam

Article 12 – Fair use policy
12.1 For occasional business printing, a common printer / scanner / copier is available with a fair-use policy.

Article 13 – Inventory
13.1 In prior consultation with the Service Provider, the possibility exists for the Member to leave furniture and related “items” of the Member in the office space (s) during the working week.

13.2 The provisions of paragraph 1 of this Article are at Member’s own risk. Service provider can not be held liable for theft or damage.

13.3 No structural changes may be made by the Member without the prior written consent of the Service Provider. The placement of outdoor advertising is regarded as an architectural change.

Article 14 – Reporting Incasso problems
14.1 The Member must, in writing and immediately notify the Service Provider if one or more of these items apply to the Member:

  1. Member currently has current tax debts;
  2. Member must pay debts to the Central Judicial Collection Agency (CJIB);
  3. There are one or more collection procedures or collection procedures against the Member;
  4. Member is in a position of suspension of payment or goes bankrupt.

14.2 The Member’s written notification must be made by sending an e-mail to the following e-mail address:

14.3 If the Member fails to comply with paragraphs 1 and 2 of this Article, the Service Provider is entitled to recover the administration and administrative costs incurred by the Service Provider directly from the Member with a minimum of EUR (€) 500 plus 21% VAT.

Article 15 – Privacy Policy
15.1 Easystart Rotterdam is careful with the information provided by Coworkers. The data will not be provided to third parties without permission from Coworkers except in the following cases:

  • fight against fraud;
    ● on request to justice or other government organizations.

For the latest version of our privacy conditions, you can consult this link:

By agreeing to the contract, Coworker also declares to agree to these General Terms and Conditions.

This edition of the General Terms and Conditions is valid from 1 July 2019