We offer convenient solutions for a business registration address and virtual office.

Do you need a registration address or virtual office?

Do you want to register your business in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce? Or do you want to use a representable address for your company?

You can register your company on our business registration address and use our office spaces whenever it suits you best.

We are the cheapest provider in the entire Randstad! We offer affordable and yet professional, high-quality solutions.
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Co-working Spaces

Inspiring meeting places where you can work without any interference. An inviting environment in which you will feel right at home. Our coworking spaces will feel like your own office.

Virtual Office

A virtual office is part of the flexible workspace industry that provides businesses with a combination of office services without the capital expenses of owning or leasing a traditional office.

A business registration address Chamber of Commerce for flexible entrepreneurs

Running a business means doing a lot of things at the same time. Ensuring that your company is always well regarded within your target group. And constantly pushing yourself to get the most out of your business. You can come up with many complicated strategies to achieve your goals, but did you know that with one simple action you can quickly make a profit?

More and more entrepreneurs choose to change their business address. Many small self-employed persons and self-employed persons use their personal address as Chamber of Commerce registration address and postal address for their company, while this can lead to complications at a later stage. By registering your company at a business address with the Chamber of Commerce, or even just changing your postal address, you can increase your reach in no time. And thus give your company a more professional appearance.

Why Easystart Office?

We offer all possible services for a registration address and a virtual office.

  • Registration address (KvK registration is allowed)
  • Postal address
  • Commercial address(You may use the address on your site and invoices)
  • Local telephone number
  • Phone answering solution
Emily deGroot
21. September, 2023.
We really enjoy working with EasyStart. Professional, consistent, and very responsive.
Mohamed Tourich
25. Augustus, 2023.
Super leuke ervaring voor een startend ondernemer. Een echte aanrader.
Precious Studios
14. Juni, 2023.
Toen we onze startup vanuit België lanceerden, waren we op zoek naar een betrouwbare partner voor een zakelijk adres. Na een uitgebreide zoektocht zijn we terechtgekomen bij Easystart office. Het was een bijzonder prettige ervaring, met goede communicatie via Whatsapp, en ze stonden altijd klaar om onze vragen te beantwoorden. We raden hen zeker aan.
Edwin Otten
27. Mei, 2023.
100% aanrader voor een ieder die een vestigingsadres wenst en service belangrijk vind, dan zit je goed bij Easystart Office. Ik heb gebruik gemaakt van de diensten van Easystart Office Amsterdam en dat beviel mij meer dan goed.
Frits van der Kramer
22. Maart, 2023.
Easystart doet haar naam eer aan. Het is een eenvoudige manier om een 'kantoor' te krijgen. De tarieven zijn transparent en niet overtrokken. Wij moesten veranderen van een simpel adres naar een voor de Belastingdienst aaanvaardbaar adres (met een kast :-) ) en dat was snel geregeld. De post wordt snel doorgestuurd en bank stukken worden discreet behandeld. We hebben het kantoor een aantal keren gebruikt, en het kantoor is schoon, je kan makkelijk een printer gebruiken ... en koffie en thee staan ook tot je beschikking. We kunnen Easystart van harte aanraden,
Hans Noteboom
2. November, 2022.
Easystart Office is een prima bedrijf om als vestigingsadres te gebruiken, zijn zeer accuraat op vragen van mij persoonlijk, alles is duidelijk en snel. Zeer goede ervaring mee, vraag naar Celeste.
Alessandro Viccaro
22. Augustus, 2022.
Excellent service, great communications and prices are also really fair. Highly recommended.
Alice Lupascu
5. Januari, 2022.
Super nice experience. They were polite, understanding, and very quick to answer and to explain stuff.




Per month
(Monthly cancelable)
  • Business Registration Address
  • Suitable for Registration at the Chamber of Commerce
  • Virtual Office + Postal address
  • Mail scanning service (Weekly)


Per month
(Monthly cancelable)
  • Business Registration Address
  • Suitable for Registration at the Chamber of Commerce
  • Virtual Office + Postal address
  • Mail scanning service (Weekly)
  • Unlimited usage of office space 24/7
  • Incl. service costs, coffee & tea, scanning and printing
  • Use of meeting room
  • Local 010 phone number
  • Free parking at the office (Location: Overwegwachter 4)
  • Business Registration Address
  • Suitable for Registration at the Chamber of Commerce
  • Virtual Office + Postal address
  • Mail scanning service (Weekly)
  • Unlimited usage of office space 24/7
  • Incl. service costs, coffee & tea, scanning and printing
  • Own access key
  • Local 020 phone number
No start-up or administration costs, all prices are exclusive of 21% VAT.

Special offers

  • If you choose to pay yearly, you will receive 1 month free.
  • Every additional company with the same ownership receives 50% discount.

What is the difference between a postal address and a Chamber of Commerce registration address?

If you decide to change your address, you can do so in two ways. Easystart Office offers you the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a postal address through a virtual office. You can also choose to change your registration address at the Chamber of Commerce.

You can use a postal address for all your communication and media purposes. So you can list the address of a virtual office on your website, on business cards and in your email. A change to your business registration address means that the address as known to the Chamber of Commerce also changes. When someone looks up your company at the Chamber of Commerce, this person will see the business address as your business address and no longer your home address.

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Why choose a virtual office?

If you do not want to immediately change your business registration address at the Chamber of Commerce, you can opt for a postal address with us. We also call this option a virtual office, because you enjoy some useful benefits that you would also experience with a physical office. A virtual office is an excellent option that allows flexible entrepreneurs to take advantage of a business address.

In addition, all concerns about your mail are completely taken care of when you request a postal address from us. From the moment you choose a virtual office, we ensure that your mail is stored. We can also forward your mail on a structural basis, this can be done by email or physically. Of course you can also choose to collect the mail yourself when you have the time.

A virtual office puts you ahead of many of your competitors because your company has a business address that exudes confidence and potential. Our locations are located in prominent places in both Rotterdam and Amsterdam. This means that you will soon be taken more seriously, compared to a company that has a home address as a postal address.

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