Business registration address in Rotterdam

We can provide you with a contract for a business registration address within 24 hours! Our registration address service in Rotterdam costs only EUR 69 per month! The service can be cancelled with a 30 days notice. Our contracts are created together with our company lawyer and fulfill the requirements of the Chamber of Commerce.

Choose from our two representative locations in Rotterdam and start your contract for a registration and postal addresses today. Our contracts can be use in any Chamber of Commerce location in the Netherlands. 

A Business registration address in Rotterdam via Easystart Office

Easystart Rotterdam
Posthoornstraat 17, Rotterdam

Kvk registration address Rotterdam

Do you want to register your company at a corporate address in order to keep your personal address private? Do you rent property on which you do not have a permission to register a company? Do you wish to register your company as a prestigious location?

Our clients can choose to register their company on one of our two locations in Rotterdam. Our headquarters is just behind the Chamber of Commerce in Rotterdam! You can arrange a meeting with our location manager or complete our registration procedure remotely!

Blaak 520, Rotterdam
easystart rotterdam office unit
Posthoornstraat 17, Rotterdam
easystart rotterdam coworkingspace
Posthoornstraat 17, Rotterdam
easystart rotterdam coworkingspace
Posthoornstraat 17, Rotterdam
easystart office overwegwachter
Overwegwachter 4, Rotterdam
easystart rotterdam coworkingspace
Overwegwachter 4, Rotterdam

Why choose for a registration address?

Do you need a representable and affordable solution as a starting business? A registration address is much more affordable than having an own office. Yet it gives you many of the same benefits, having a representable appearance for your customers is one of the main advantages. 

Our address will be visible for your clients on internet, in the chamber of commerce and for the Dutch authorities.

Virtual Office

Once you become a client, you can register your company at our business registration address. You can use our corporate address for your business cards and other marketing materials. We can also provide you with a 010 virtual business phone number. Once your company grows you can also upgrade to our co-working packages which will provide you with access to our business centers.

Our virtual office packages provide you with an official business registration address that you can use for your company registration in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce!

Your benefits with our business center

We offer all possible services for a registration address and a virtual office

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