Top 5 benefits of a virtual office

A virtual office space provides you with much more than just an address for your company. With the steadily growing number of online entrepreneurs, more and more people are working from the comfort of their homes. But after a while this comfort can start to weigh you down and begin to feel uncomfortable.

There are many reasons this can happen, oftentimes it’s related to the large amount of distractions you can experience at home. Your kids might continually ask for your attention, or you might become distracted by household chores that also need to be done.

In a coworking space, the members create an active and focused working enviroment for themselves. Networking and socialising does occur, but in the context of the business enviroments.

A coworking space generally has some neutral background music which provides for a comfortable atmosphere, while not being too prominent to disturb the focus. Tristan Philips of Indycube proposed the idea of a democratic music policy in the coworking space. By actively encouraging the members to state their preferences and keep in mind eachothers wishes, together you can create a great working enviroment.

In any case, it might be very beneficial for you as well as your company to consider a virtual business address. In this article we’ll provide you with 5 reasons why you should think about this!

1.Your company will look more professional

One of the top benefits of a virtual business address is the level of professionalism this will provide your company with. A business address on a prominent location in two of the largest cities in the Netherlands certainly looks much more professional, than a home address in a small town or city. There is a large chance you will instantly attract more customers, simply by changing this one small detail.

2.You will experience much more privacy 

Another huge benefit of a business address is the amount of privacy you will regain. You can use our address on all media outlets to promote your company. 

3.You never have to sort out your mail again

One of the perks of our services is our free scan service for all your business mail with all our subscriptions. Continually dividing and sorting your business and private mail can prove to be a huge timewasting hassle. You can conveniently avoid this by subscribing and profiting from all the benefits a virtual office will provide you with.

4.You can hold meetings in our office spaces

Next to the fact that we offer you a business address, you can also choose to work at one of our locations. We have multiple flexible working spaces available, as well as closed offices and meeting rooms. If you want to schedule a meeting with your clients but don’t have room at home, you can always use one of the spaces available. This will make it much easier for your clients to visit as well, since both Rotterdam and Amsterdam are very easily accessible with any kind of transportation.

5.We also offer some extra services that might benefit your business

Easystart Office can provide you with all the above mentioned benefits and much more. You can also cancel and/or change any type of subscription monthly, we only offer flexible plans as we believe every entrepreneur should be able to stay flexible and not be bound by cumbersome subscription plans. Want more information? Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have. 

See our pricing and packages. 

How co-working can benefit your business

Being self-employed has a fantastic array of benefits. You get more freedom from the start, since you don’t have to go work for someone else anymore. You can also choose to stay home altogether, work from home and never miss the bus to work again. It’s no surprise that a lot of people choose this option.

But working from home and using your personal address as your business address can have its pitfalls. Some of these even have the capacity to disturb your success in business, which is why it would be smart to think about the benefits of a business address at a co-working space. These are basically two solutions in one. Why? We will explain that to you in this article.

Do you do most of your business activities from home?

Sure, working from home is comfortable. You don’t have to go anywhere or be on time while fighting against traffic, you can wear anything you like and make up your own tempo. We are definitely not saying that you should never work from home anymore, but if you lock yourself up every single day of the week, it might become a bit dull.

The negative side of working at home is that, eventually, you will probably reach a plateau. One of the good things of a shared workspace is the possibility of brainstorming with others, socializing and simply listening to other people’s ideas. 

A business address can greatly benefit your company

If you want to boost your company with a swift, easy and above all not expensive action, try changing your business address. Easystart Office can offer you an address in both Amsterdam and Rotterdam at our shared business space. With every subscription we also sort and scan your business mail, this will definitely save you multiple hours per month. With our services you can also completely change your business’ address at the Chamber of Commerce.

We also offer the possibility of co-working

Our offices also provide you with the possibility of co-working with many other like-minded entrepreneurs. If you feel like you have been stuck in a bit of a rut lately, this is one way of breathing some new life into your company again. You can start with just one day per week and see how you feel about it. If you like it, we have several subscriptions so there will always be one that fits your needs perfectly!

Others can widen your vision and help your business grow

People generally need other people to grow and learn. Our services provide you with a way to make your business look more professional and at the same time get in touch with new people who can help you with the growth of your business. All our subscriptions can be changed or cancelled monthly, which will allow you to stay as flexible as you can. Interested? Take a look on our website for more information.