A business address in the Netherlands for ex-pats

Are you the proud owner of a company in the Netherlands, but are you moving abroad soon? Maybe because your business is performing much better than you hoped? Of course, this is fantastic news! But emigration involves a lot of preparation and work. In addition to all standard actions, such as the actual relocation and deregistration from your municipality, you will also have to think about the future of your company.

Are you looking for an office building?

A Dutch company must remain registered in the Netherlands if you wish to continue to pay tax here (at least for the time being). Then you will need to choose a new business address, as you will soon be leaving your home.

In the past, it was only possible to continue your business in the Netherlands by independently renting or buying an office space - this is considered an expensive joke for many entrepreneurs. Office space rents are, in most cases, just as expensive as a private home. Together with the costs for your home abroad, this means double costs. And nobody is waiting for that. Fortunately, nowadays there is a much better solution: register your company on a virtual address.

A business address for your company according to the requirements of the Chamber of Commerce.

A virtual office address is an address that you can use as a correspondence address. However, in some cases, you can also register your company at such an address, provided that the provider meets the specific requirements for the establishment of companies. With our help, you can provide your company with a brand new business address 100% securely. And also at a prominent location in Rotterdam or Amsterdam, which ultimately gives you many more benefits than just a valid business company address.

What does a business address offer you as an entrepreneur?

If you decide to register your company with us, your company will, in any case, have a valid address, while you are moving abroad yourself. You do not have to convert your company (yet) to a foreign company. This can be helpful for people who are not sure whether they will continue to live abroad. Will you come back after a while? Then you can choose whether to register your company at home again. But most entrepreneurs do not choose this because of the advantages of a business address.

You can also expect the following advantages for your company:

Your company is in good hands with us

By registering your company at one of our addresses, you will free yourself of a lot of worries and extra tasks. We ensure that you continue to receive your mail regularly. You can also choose to welcome customers on location, for example, when you are temporarily back in the Netherlands. In any case, your company is in good shape, and you can spend ample time on the practical part of the emigration!

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