A company business address used to mean that you had to rent an office building for a hefty sum. If you also employ staff, this is, of course, a requirement, as your employees cannot come to work at your home. However, for self-employed persons and other entrepreneurs without staff, renting a complete office independently is an unnecessary matter. You probably don't even need all that space.

Years ago, people came up with a solution to this problem: a virtual office. This is a sort of interim solution that enables entrepreneurs to benefit from a business address's advantages. But without the excessive burden of having your own office. And therefore much lower costs! In this article, we explain exactly how this works.


Why is a business company address good for your business?

A business address for your company outweighs your private address as a business address. A business address will make your company look much more professional, regardless of the industry in which you work. Although a business address is of great importance, especially for online entrepreneurs, to significantly improve the company's reliability.

Furthermore, a business company address will take work off your hands, because you no longer have to sort your mail yourself. With Easystart Office, all of this is neatly done for you and sent to you in the way that you find most comfortable. This enables you to keep a better overview and delineation between work and private life. Incidentally, for privacy reasons, it is also better to have a business address for your company. Why? Because people can no longer see where you live through your website.


How exactly does it work? A virtual office?

A virtual office is probably a somewhat confusing name because a virtual office is indeed located in an existing building. It is usually a multi-company building, where other services such as meeting rooms and co-working are also offered. You can take advantage of this address by purchasing a monthly cancellable subscription that allows you to specify this address as your business address. Would you like to work on location from time to time? Or receive customers at this address? All this is also possible.


Can I also use a virtual office address at the Chamber of Commerce?

If you also want to change the address known at the Chamber of Commerce, you will not have to purchase a virtual business address but a Chamber of Commerce office address. There is no other difference in terms of subscription. However, you will have to report a change to the Chamber of Commerce connected with your registered address. This is very easy with a standard form, and we are always on hand to help you with this process if necessary. Our offices are located in Amsterdam and Rotterdam and are therefore easily accessible by car and public transport. If you convert your business address to one of our business addresses, you will soon notice many benefits for your company!

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