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Registered Office Netherlands

What are the reasons for opening a registered office Netherlands? When a company compares the cost for a registered office in Netherlands against having an actual office space in a modern or not so desirable building, it can be costly for a business and its owner.  The costs of renting space or paying for the building, paying employees, buying […]

Registration address or virtual office Netherlands?

Advantages of a Dutch Registration Address   The need for a registered address has grown greatly in the Netherlands in the recent years. The law calls for a registered address to perform business in the country. The limited amount of space and many foreign investors have led to the need for virtual offices in the Netherlands. A hired business […]

Netherlands business address registration

Benefits of a virtual office Netherlands How do virtual offices work? The have been introduced in order to lighten the load of the shareholders of a company. Many companies take advantage or virtual offices in order to boost their international presence as well as establishing a local brand. Virtual offices in the Netherlands are a […]

Virtual Office Netherlands – Amsterdam or Rotterdam?

Advantages of a Dutch virtual office The virtual office in Netherlands is becoming a valuable possession for any business. It contributes to the appearance and structure of the company and can save a lot of money as compared to the maintenance of a real local office. The services that our expert team provides in relation […]