How co-working can benefit your business

Being self-employed has a fantastic array of benefits. You get more freedom from the start, since you don’t have to go work for someone else anymore. You can also choose to stay home altogether, work from home and never miss the bus to work again. It’s no surprise that a lot of people choose this option.

But working from home and using your personal address as your business address can have its pitfalls. Some of these even have the capacity to disturb your success in business, which is why it would be smart to think about the benefits of a business address at a co-working space. These are basically two solutions in one. Why? We will explain that to you in this article.

Do you do most of your business activities from home?

Sure, working from home is comfortable. You don’t have to go anywhere or be on time while fighting against traffic, you can wear anything you like and make up your own tempo. We are definitely not saying that you should never work from home anymore, but if you lock yourself up every single day of the week, it might become a bit dull.

The negative side of working at home is that, eventually, you will probably reach a plateau. One of the good things of a shared workspace is the possibility of brainstorming with others, socializing and simply listening to other people’s ideas. 

A business address can greatly benefit your company

If you want to boost your company with a swift, easy and above all not expensive action, try changing your business address. Easystart Office can offer you an address in both Amsterdam and Rotterdam at our shared business space. With every subscription we also sort and scan your business mail, this will definitely save you multiple hours per month. With our services you can also completely change your business’ address at the Chamber of Commerce.

We also offer the possibility of co-working

Our offices also provide you with the possibility of co-working with many other like-minded entrepreneurs. If you feel like you have been stuck in a bit of a rut lately, this is one way of breathing some new life into your company again. You can start with just one day per week and see how you feel about it. If you like it, we have several subscriptions so there will always be one that fits your needs perfectly!

Others can widen your vision and help your business grow

People generally need other people to grow and learn. Our services provide you with a way to make your business look more professional and at the same time get in touch with new people who can help you with the growth of your business. All our subscriptions can be changed or cancelled monthly, which will allow you to stay as flexible as you can. Interested? Take a look on our website for more information.

Dutch BV Legal Business Address

Legal Address for Netherlands Company

If you are in the process of starting a company in the Netherlands, you have to fulfill certain steps such as finding a company agent to assist you with the registration of your BV company with the public notary, the Chamber of Commerce and tax office. However, you also need a legal address for your business.

If you live outside of the Netherlands you need a local Dutch business address to register your Dutch BV company. We provide this service for all companies that which to register in the Netherlands. Dutch BV’s, Dutch solitary proprietorship and more.

Our business addresses are great value for your business, not only do we offer competitive pricing and discount for annual payment. We also have prestigious office addresses that will inspire confidence in your suppliers and customers.

We have a businesscenter in Amsterdam or Rotterdam. Amsterdam is slightly higher priced because of the higher rent prices, which come from a higher interest in the city.

Rotterdam is an excellent location for all sorts of businesses. For only €59 per month you can have a local address. If you pay one year in advance it will be only €590 for the first year, so you receive 2 months discount for annual payment. Our location manager will be glad to explain you more. In most cases we are able to provide you with a contract within 1 working day, or even the same day!

Our services are focused on providing additional value to our clients, through useful post handling services, constantly improving our locations and expanding our range of services and a customer orientated approach.

Registered Office Netherlands

What are the reasons for opening a registered office Netherlands?

When a company compares the cost for a registered office in Netherlands against having an actual office space in a modern or not so desirable building, it can be costly for a business and its owner.  The costs of renting space or paying for the building, paying employees, buying and maintaining furniture and equipment needed for the physical office, paying electric and heating bills, snow removal, janitorial services and other usual costs in using a physical office space can be a very disadvantage component to owning an office space in a tangible physical building.   

So, what may you ask is the alternative?  Setting up a virtual office in the Netherlands!  There are many reasons a company should consider setting up a virtual office and Easystart Rotterdam can assist you in that endeavor. Why a business registration address?  Simple.  Virtual offices are excellent communication infrastructures that offer many services.  The following are the available advantageous ways in which to conduct and maintain your company that is located in the Netherlands while you are located in a different city or country.   

  1.  First and foremost is the fact that in order to have a new company in Holland at all, it must be registered, thereby giving your company a legal registered address.  Not only is the premier address of importance, but the location of being in Holland is a major plus.  The country has two major logistical seaside ports, which is a good reason for foreign companies to conduct business there.  Because of its strategic transportation route in Europe, an increase in the volume of goods (imports and exports) has been a plus to the economy which is currently rated very high.
  2. High speed internet access is available and our business center representatives will assist you with getting settled in.
  3. Mail collection and forwarding services of that mail will be performed with ease.  Mail can easily be converted to emails.
  4. Bank statements and collection services are available
  5. Meeting room services are available
  6. Telephone numbers with voice mail and faxes are available
  7. Boost international presence thereby giving your customers their trust by proving in fact you are a legal company covered by local laws
  8. Customized business according to your needs       

Why would you register your business in the Netherlands?

It’s Simple.  The Dutch country has in recent years established themselves as a regional headquarter for many large foreign companies.  Those companies have branched out and generated smaller businesses.  Those businesses thrived and grew and produced a ‘need’ for registered addresses in the Netherlands, a requirement imposed by the Dutch Company Law.  That governing body, also known as the Company Act of Holland, covers taxation and compliance, bankruptcy, mergers and acquisitions.  Thus, the Holland Virtual Offices were born out of that necessity; doing business from a remote location while maintaining a viable Netherlands office address, in one of the hottest business centers in the Europe.   

The Netherlands boasts a very good credit rating.  Moody’s credit rating of the Netherlands is a AAA, stable, Standard and Poor’s credit rating of the Netherlands is AAA, stable and the Fitch credit rating of AAA, stable is a superior reason to do business in that country.  The benefit of those ratings increases the viability of a good business acumen for foreign investors which can give them easy access to monetary funds from outside the country.

The Dutch Government has a dedicated website for foreign entrepreneurs and also for general matters.

The Netherlands: an international location

The Netherlands was ranked 1st in globalization in 2016 according to the GCI Index.  It has the best optimal combination between the intensity of the international trading capacities and the geographical reach to distribute their goods.  Their position within the European continent provides their investors to base their trade and shipping activities in one of their dominant shipping ports. Consumer confidence is very good in the Dutch nation and the fact that the citizens of the small country are multi-cultural, multi-lingual and have a friendly welcoming business sense is just one more reason to open a Virtual Office in the Netherlands.  

Lastly, when a new Dutch company begins its business and becomes registered through a Dutch virtual office, it is a perfect solution for investors who want to start doing business on the Dutch market without having to be housed in a physical building.  The lower costs of a Rotterdam Virtual Office is so attractive and can save the company from other very undesirable costs.   One day, when your business is growing and is a huge success, you and your family can come and visit the country and interact with all the wonderful people who reside there.  But, until then, you can conduct your business remotely from the comfort of your own home or other location in your own country while operating your Virtual Office from a premier location in Europe.

Read here for more information on pricing and packages for registering your business in the Netherlands.