Top 5 benefits of a virtual office

A virtual office space provides you with much more than just an address for your company. With the steadily growing number of online entrepreneurs, more and more people are working from the comfort of their homes. But after a while this comfort can start to weigh you down and begin to feel uncomfortable.

There are many reasons this can happen, oftentimes it’s related to the large amount of distractions you can experience at home. Your kids might continually ask for your attention, or you might become distracted by household chores that also need to be done.

In a coworking space, the members create an active and focused working enviroment for themselves. Networking and socialising does occur, but in the context of the business enviroments.

A coworking space generally has some neutral background music which provides for a comfortable atmosphere, while not being too prominent to disturb the focus. Tristan Philips of Indycube proposed the idea of a democratic music policy in the coworking space. By actively encouraging the members to state their preferences and keep in mind eachothers wishes, together you can create a great working enviroment.

In any case, it might be very beneficial for you as well as your company to consider a virtual business address. In this article we’ll provide you with 5 reasons why you should think about this!

1.Your company will look more professional

One of the top benefits of a virtual business address is the level of professionalism this will provide your company with. A business address on a prominent location in two of the largest cities in the Netherlands certainly looks much more professional, than a home address in a small town or city. There is a large chance you will instantly attract more customers, simply by changing this one small detail.

2.You will experience much more privacy 

Another huge benefit of a business address is the amount of privacy you will regain. You can use our address on all media outlets to promote your company. 

3.You never have to sort out your mail again

One of the perks of our services is our free scan service for all your business mail with all our subscriptions. Continually dividing and sorting your business and private mail can prove to be a huge timewasting hassle. You can conveniently avoid this by subscribing and profiting from all the benefits a virtual office will provide you with.

4.You can hold meetings in our office spaces

Next to the fact that we offer you a business address, you can also choose to work at one of our locations. We have multiple flexible working spaces available, as well as closed offices and meeting rooms. If you want to schedule a meeting with your clients but don’t have room at home, you can always use one of the spaces available. This will make it much easier for your clients to visit as well, since both Rotterdam and Amsterdam are very easily accessible with any kind of transportation.

5.We also offer some extra services that might benefit your business

Easystart Office can provide you with all the above mentioned benefits and much more. You can also cancel and/or change any type of subscription monthly, we only offer flexible plans as we believe every entrepreneur should be able to stay flexible and not be bound by cumbersome subscription plans. Want more information? Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have. 

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Register a branch in the Netherlands

Why Register a Dutch Branch office

Some international entrepreneurs prefer to start out with a branch office in the Netherlands, before making the journey of relocating their entire business. Sometimes a branch office is more practical to deal with suppliers, customers or business partners in the European area.

Perhaps you would like to ‘test the waters’ to see if your business could work in the Netherlands, you have hired staff in the Netherlands. Or perhaps you want to meet suppliers before moving to the Netherlands. A branch office is ideal in these situations.

What are the requirements?

If you are looking to register your foreign company in the Netherlands, you will need to fulfill a few requirements of a permanent establishment. One of the requirements is to have a registered office in the Netherlands. With a registered office address you can register your firm in the Netherlands chamber of commerce.

Why do I need a registered office for my branch?

All companies which are registered in the Dutch Chamber of commerce need to have a valid business address in the Netherlands, foreign companies usually register at a registered office.

If you do business in the European area, customers and suppliers will ask you for a local VAT number and your registration number from the corporate registry. These two numbers can only be applied for after registering in the trade register.

What is a branch office?

A registered office is a legal address from where the company is allowed to conduct its business operations. The address is the official address for the authorities.

A registered office is sometimes referred to as a Virtual Office in The Netherlands. Read More.

Easystart Office provides registered offices in Rotterdam and Amsterdam, the two primary cities in the Netherlands.

Registered Office Netherlands

What are the reasons for opening a registered office Netherlands?

When a company compares the cost for a registered office in Netherlands against having an actual office space in a modern or not so desirable building, it can be costly for a business and its owner.  The costs of renting space or paying for the building, paying employees, buying and maintaining furniture and equipment needed for the physical office, paying electric and heating bills, snow removal, janitorial services and other usual costs in using a physical office space can be a very disadvantage component to owning an office space in a tangible physical building.   

So, what may you ask is the alternative?  Setting up a virtual office in the Netherlands!  There are many reasons a company should consider setting up a virtual office and Easystart Rotterdam can assist you in that endeavor. Why a business registration address?  Simple.  Virtual offices are excellent communication infrastructures that offer many services.  The following are the available advantageous ways in which to conduct and maintain your company that is located in the Netherlands while you are located in a different city or country.   

  1.  First and foremost is the fact that in order to have a new company in Holland at all, it must be registered, thereby giving your company a legal registered address.  Not only is the premier address of importance, but the location of being in Holland is a major plus.  The country has two major logistical seaside ports, which is a good reason for foreign companies to conduct business there.  Because of its strategic transportation route in Europe, an increase in the volume of goods (imports and exports) has been a plus to the economy which is currently rated very high.
  2. High speed internet access is available and our business center representatives will assist you with getting settled in.
  3. Mail collection and forwarding services of that mail will be performed with ease.  Mail can easily be converted to emails.
  4. Bank statements and collection services are available
  5. Meeting room services are available
  6. Telephone numbers with voice mail and faxes are available
  7. Boost international presence thereby giving your customers their trust by proving in fact you are a legal company covered by local laws
  8. Customized business according to your needs       

Why would you register your business in the Netherlands?

It’s Simple.  The Dutch country has in recent years established themselves as a regional headquarter for many large foreign companies.  Those companies have branched out and generated smaller businesses.  Those businesses thrived and grew and produced a ‘need’ for registered addresses in the Netherlands, a requirement imposed by the Dutch Company Law.  That governing body, also known as the Company Act of Holland, covers taxation and compliance, bankruptcy, mergers and acquisitions.  Thus, the Holland Virtual Offices were born out of that necessity; doing business from a remote location while maintaining a viable Netherlands office address, in one of the hottest business centers in the Europe.   

The Netherlands boasts a very good credit rating.  Moody’s credit rating of the Netherlands is a AAA, stable, Standard and Poor’s credit rating of the Netherlands is AAA, stable and the Fitch credit rating of AAA, stable is a superior reason to do business in that country.  The benefit of those ratings increases the viability of a good business acumen for foreign investors which can give them easy access to monetary funds from outside the country.

The Dutch Government has a dedicated website for foreign entrepreneurs and also for general matters.

The Netherlands: an international location

The Netherlands was ranked 1st in globalization in 2016 according to the GCI Index.  It has the best optimal combination between the intensity of the international trading capacities and the geographical reach to distribute their goods.  Their position within the European continent provides their investors to base their trade and shipping activities in one of their dominant shipping ports. Consumer confidence is very good in the Dutch nation and the fact that the citizens of the small country are multi-cultural, multi-lingual and have a friendly welcoming business sense is just one more reason to open a Virtual Office in the Netherlands.  

Lastly, when a new Dutch company begins its business and becomes registered through a Dutch virtual office, it is a perfect solution for investors who want to start doing business on the Dutch market without having to be housed in a physical building.  The lower costs of a Rotterdam Virtual Office is so attractive and can save the company from other very undesirable costs.   One day, when your business is growing and is a huge success, you and your family can come and visit the country and interact with all the wonderful people who reside there.  But, until then, you can conduct your business remotely from the comfort of your own home or other location in your own country while operating your Virtual Office from a premier location in Europe.

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Registration address or virtual office Netherlands?

Advantages of a Dutch Registration Address 

 The need for a registered address has grown greatly in the Netherlands in the recent years. The law calls for a registered address to perform business in the country. The limited amount of space and many foreign investors have led to the need for virtual offices in the Netherlands. A hired business center will be used as the physical address for the company for all registration purposes. There are many advantages to using a registration address, here are a few of the main benefits. 

A virtual office commonly refers to having a corresponding address, a registration address as well as a local phone number. Thus giving a full appearance to the outside world of your company being based on the address, either as a headoffice, a branche or a subsidiary.

Off site management
When using a registration address and virtual office you can run your company from anywhere in the world. You can own a business in the Netherlands, but be located in London or the United States. The ease of use from any computer with internet allows for your work space to travel with you wherever you go. 

Global presence
Using a virtual office with a registration address allows for you to complete business transactions throughout the world. You can be found and utilized by international clients more readily and generate more business for your company. 

Desirable address 
The use of a registration address many times leads to an address that is located in prime real estate that would be otherwise unattainable. Take advantage of this for not only the better address, but also the trust from customers and associates that comes from a recognizable building and address. If you are working as a foreign investor this can be especially helpful in reassuring clients that you are a serious, legal entity. 

Cost reduction
Having to pay rent on a brick and mortar building can be quite expensive, especially in a well-known building. Using a business center can dramatically cut down on your rent costs and allow your money to be allocated into more important business expenses. 

Effortless management
company registration address can also provide services that help you to run your business effectively. They can forward mail and bank statements, provide a meeting space for your use, and reliable internet for ease of communication with clients.  

Local convenience
Not only can a registration address help you become recognized globally, but it also helps on a local level. As a foreign investor having an office in the area you are performing business is a huge asset. This allows for convenience for clients and more business for you! 

When deciding to invest in a company as a foreigner one of the first steps you should take is to seek out a registration address. This will benefit your business, stockholders, and clients across the board. To fully take advantage of this opportunity make sure to pick a reputable office center with an address that will be most advantageous to your company. When searching for your new address be sure to also compare amenities that will be suit your situation. Don’t hesitate to ask many questions and read reviews before deciding on the new home of your business. Once you secure a location the paperwork can all be finalized and you are on your way to running your business easily from anywhere! 

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Netherlands business address registration

Benefits of a virtual office Netherlands

How do virtual offices work? The have been introduced in order to lighten the load of the shareholders of a company. Many companies take advantage or virtual offices in order to boost their international presence as well as establishing a local brand.

Virtual offices in the Netherlands are a great way to gain the trust of your consumers and your target market. It can help assure clients and consumers that you are in fact a legal company that is covered by local law. It provides an enormous confidence boost for you as a foreign investor as well as any clients who transact with your company.

Other than physical offices, these offices are much more affordable and they give you the opportunity to test the market before jumping into it. It is also a practical way for you to remain inside the country even though you are busy conducting remote business ventures.

A virtual office establishes your presence in a particular country by providing you with a formal business address. You can receive all post, bills, or other correspondence via that address and with a dedicated phone number, you can use it on stationery.

Registered office Netherlands

A registered office in the Netherlands is an effective space for using communication services for a dedicated fee, with no requirement for office space. Virtual offices are based almost everywhere and are available to anyone who needs access the communication services such as a telephone, internet etc. A virtual office is different to business offices and executive suites that provide office space and other facilities.

Dutch virtual offices allows you to feel at home and begin working on whatever you need to work on in your own setting. Virtual office solutions are designed to help you feel more organised and controlled when it comes to your business and work. A lot of companies use virtual offices to increase their international presence and expand their business. Virtual offices also allow you to gain the trust of the consumers you deal with and also your general target market; you will be able to show your consumers that you’re a legit company that is following the local law. For foreign investors, virtual offices can increase confidence within a business as an investor and also the clients you work with.

Virtual offices are affordable and provide the facilities you require at a fee that is worth it. You will be able to run through the market before you jump head first into and it also gives you the ability to stay in the suitable country and work remotely. Furthermore, a virtual office will allow you to work from the specified country and provide a business address that can be used for meetings and other work. The business address comes in handy for receiving various correspondences from different outlets, such as bills, client mail and any other correspondence. The virtual office can also be used as a registered office for your firm. You will also be provided with a phone number that can be given to clients and use on stationery.

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