Virtual Office Netherlands – Amsterdam or Rotterdam?

October 14, 2017
Virtual Office Netherlands – Amsterdam or Rotterdam?

Updated on 19 February 2024

Advantages of a Dutch virtual office

The virtual office in the Netherlands is becoming a valuable possession for any business. It contributes to the appearance and structure of the company and can save a lot of money as compared to the maintenance of a real local office.

The services that our expert team provides in relation to registration addresses are ideal for businesses that need to establish themselves on the Dutch market without having to pay very high amounts for money to rent an office.

With our Virtual offices you are allowed to register your company in the Dutch chamber of commerce as official address. We have options in both Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Our contracts are arranged the same day or within 24 hours, we have fixed monthly pricing for €69 per month for Rotterdam and €79 per month for Amsterdam Center.

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A virtual office Netherlands Amsterdam or Rotterdam?

Would a Rotterdam or an Amsterdam virtual office address suit your business more?

Most foreign companies are looking for an address in one of the two commercial cities (Rotterdam or Amsterdam) in the Netherlands, a familiar city is important for name recognition. A registration address solution is a valuable resource for investors with relevant businesses who are not able to stay permanently in the Netherlands.

For local entrepreneurs an official address in either of these cities is the best solution for entrepreneurs who do not have the possibility to move their company activities to Amsterdam (just yet) but want to establish their presence in the city.

  What are the advantages of Amsterdam?

  • Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, it might look more prestigious.
  • Amsterdam knows many international company headquarters and in particular Fortune 500 or software companies.
  • Amsterdam is a very international city and is the biggest city in the Netherlands
  • Amsterdam is known worldwide for its nightlife and Dutch history

What are the advantages of Rotterdam?

  • A virtual office Rotterdam might be more cost effective (€69 per month)
  • Rotterdam has an international reputation as one of the biggest harbors and logistic cities in the world, making Rotterdam an obvious choice for import- export, trading, shipping or logistical companies.
  • Rotterdam is known for its ''hands on'' working mentality
  • Rotterdam is the second city in the Netherlands
  • The city of architecture has landed Rotterdam the nickname ''The Dutch Manhattan'' referring to the many big office buildings and modern architectural landmarks.

Add substance to your Dutch business

Opening a Netherlands virtual office is a great option for people who have not rented a physical office in the country because the local tax authorities will perceive it as substance. Any business should have substance in order to become a Dutch entity that is recognized by the tax system (by tax number).

We help companies cover the requirements for the tax office by providing our business center services:

  • Provision of a registered office address in Amsterdam or Rotterdam
  • Use of our meeting rooms
  • Usage of our coworking space for your annual meetings or day to day work
  • Mail service: we can send mail to any address in the world upon your instruction
  • Our address can be used for fulfilling the requirement of business correspondence

A registered office in the Netherlands

An address in any of the two largest cities in the Netherlands will enhance your presence on the market with a premium location while saving you the costs for renting an actual office. The expenses related to our office solutions are significantly lower than the ones for renting real office space in the biggest Dutch cities.

Having a registered address in the country will improve your business profile and contribute to the credibility of your relations with customers. Your firm wants to archive a professional representation towards suppliers, contractors and most of all, your customers. Our professional office locations are representable and will contribute to your company image as a prestigious local firm. Additionally, we can provide a local fixed phone number with a general Netherlands area code, or a local Amsterdam or Rotterdam number.

A remote office will contribute to the ease of operating your business in a foreign country, your official mail correspondence can be sent to you by email and translated if necessary. In our packages we include the service of forwarding your letters to your addres in the Netherlands. Correspondence is also possible to be sent by courier or post in original, such as with bank cards or official documents.
You are not bound to any one location for your business, you may simply focus on your core business and your stable contact address will be unchangeable. This is the basis of flexible entrepreneurship in the 21st century.

Any further questions?

Feel free to contact our location manager before you make your final decision on a virtual office. It is important that the office solution suits you and your firm. Perhaps you have any further questions regarding the registration procedure, we are glad to assist with the formalities of the registration of your new address in the chamber of commerce.

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