Why you should invest in a Chamber of Commerce registration address in Amsterdam

February 09, 2023
Why you should invest in a Chamber of Commerce registration address in Amsterdam

Updated on 30 May 2024

We offer a range of Business Centre related services, including the use of a Chamber of Commerce registration address in Amsterdam. We also offer mail forwarding, virtual telephone numbers and offices, flexible workplaces and even desk rental. Virtual and physical offices in Amsterdam are used for this. Of course, you can continue to use your own correspondence address in addition to our services. Registration at our address is possible for post and Chamber of Commerce. For a highly competitive monthly fee, you can use our services and get a registration address in Amsterdam as your Chamber of Commerce business address. Check which package best suits your needs.


Why do our customers choose a different business address for their Chamber of Commerce registration?

There are many reasons why clients choose to use a different business address. Popular reasons include:

  • A professional image for your company, customers and suppliers
  • If it is desired that the home address is not made public and accessible after registration with the Chamber of Commerce
  • When the rental address in Amsterdam is not a suitable registration address for the Chamber of Commerce
  • If your house is shared with others and the business address can therefore differ better from the home address


Why choose us?

  • Our services are legally valid and in accordance with the Chamber of Commerce
  • You can keep your Chamber of Commerce registration address separate from your private address
  • You can use both virtual and physical offices in Amsterdam
  • Your mail can be forwarded
  • You can have flexible workplaces as well as a fixed workplace company name on the front door
  • You will receive professional support during the entire start-up procedure

Registering and using your Chamber of Commerce registration address in Amsterdam can take a few working days, but is often possible on the same working day! Our services are available for both new and existing companies.


Saving costs as a start-up

When you start a business, you have to deal with many things. How do you guarantee a professional image of your company? How do you appear reliable? And how do you ensure that you can acquire new customers? At the Chamber of Commerce, one of the first things you must do is provide a valid business address.

Many entrepreneurs find that when they start a new business, they incur more costs than income. At that point, it is nice if you can save on certain costs of your company. You may like to work from home, but you still want a reliable and professional image. It is possible to use a virtual office as your Chamber of Commerce registration address with our help.


Appearing professionally without a permanent office

When you use our registration address for your business registration and correspondence, you can enjoy all the benefits of the business representation on your website and to customers. But you pay much less than for a permanent office.

The costs for your own office can make you decide to do business from home. If you still want the benefits of having your own office, get a registration address.

You come across professionally to your business relations and customers because you are registered in an office building. When people google your business, they will find your business address. However, you do not have to be present; we process the mail for you.

For the starting entrepreneur, there are many advantages to using a business address in Amsterdam. We can also provide you with a fixed 020 Amsterdam or 085 National telephone number. It is also possible to forward the calls to a telephone answering service.


It is possible to rent a registration address as well as a virtual office. 

A virtual office means that you obtain a business telephone number and postal address; a registration address means that you can provide this as a business address at the Chamber of Commerce. Our Chamber of Commerce business registration address package is available on a monthly basis:

  • Business Chamber of Commerce registration, registration, business address in Amsterdam
  • Postal address in Amsterdam
  • Basic mail handling, forwarded weekly
  • Discounts on the rental of a meeting room

If you also want to save costs as a starter, go for one of our registration addresses, and get our virtual office services as an accompanying feature. We take care of your mail processing, and you will receive a virtual telephone number. You can also receive customers on location.

Contact our location manager now. Our location manager will be happy to help you with your questions.

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