A flex office in Rotterdam for entrepreneurs and self-employed creatives

January 12, 2021
A flex office in Rotterdam for entrepreneurs and self-employed creatives

Updated on 5 August 2021

Running a successful business is no longer that simple nowadays. In the past, self-employed professions consisted mainly of specific trades, which only required highly specialized knowledge to attract and retain customers. Quality was paramount, and people did not have to worry about all kinds of extra work.

Now things are different. Of course, at the core of any company is a particular specialization, or in the case of self-employed artists, a specific talent. On the other hand, you will also need to have a lot of different things in order if you want to stand out from all those competitors. Marketing, acquisition, website design and newsletters are just a few of the tactics needed to keep your business on the map. And sometimes you can use some help with this.

How others can help you with your business

It is relatively easy to choose to outsource various things, but not all entrepreneurs have sufficient financial resources for this. Especially if someone has just started; to hire others, it is necessary first to generate income yourselfβ€”a bit of a chicken and an egg story that many an entrepreneur has found quite frustrating.

A shared office space can be a great solution in such cases. There are many advantages to sharing a workspace with other self-employed people, especially if there are entrepreneurs present from different disciplines. It is often more difficult to establish personal contacts remotely from home, while it only takes a few minutes in a shared office space.

Why choose a shared office space?

Working from home can be wonderful, but over time, many entrepreneurs feel relatively isolated. We all sometimes need an objective look from another to move forward, and in a shared workspace, you will find it much faster. Sharing office space with the self-employed has many advantages:

  • You are in a different environment; this automatically leads to a fresh look and inspiration;
  • You can make a wide variety of contacts; from web designers to accountants, writers and consultants in many areas;
  • Just by talking to someone, you can suddenly get free advice, for which you would generally have to pay hundreds of euros;
  • Many shared office spaces often offer fun activities and interesting amenities;
  • You have access to everything you need, such as a fast Wi-Fi connection, printers and other equipment, shared and separate offices and space for lunch and coffee;
  • You are in the middle of the city and have access to all amenities;
  • You can professionally receive clients in one of the meeting rooms. 

We offer entrepreneurs several shared office spaces in Rotterdam.

By working outside your home a few times a month and meeting other self-employed people, you can benefit from new insights, inspiration and advice. You can look at problems from a different angle, and often that is all it takes to solve something. We offer shared office spaces at smart locations, in both Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

You decide how often you want to work on location and which subscription is right for you. Would you prefer to come more often or less? Then you can convert your subscription every month without extra costs so that you as an entrepreneur remain flexible and are not tied to anything. If you have any questions, we are, of course, always available; we are happy to help you with all your wishes.

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