The advantages of a Chamber of Commerce registration address in Rotterdam

January 17, 2024
De voordelen van een registratieadres voor ZZP'ers

Updated on 30 May 2024

There are many possible ways of starting a new business in Rotterdam, but a flexible Chamber of Commerce business address is pre-eminently the most interesting option for starters. If you are a starting entrepreneur, choosing a professional location with a representative appearance for your prospects, relations and customers is highly recommended. You can rent a representative business address via our Rotterdam location and is in accordance with the regulations of the Chamber of Commerce.

We have unique and affordable office spaces for you at locations that meet the highest criteria, so you get great value for your subscription. We are in regular contact with government authorities to ensure that we meet the latest requirements. Your address is always provided with workplaces where you can go with a Flexi-work subscription. This is also possible for meetings.

Our location in Rotterdam is representative and well-maintained. However, our services go that little bit further, and you are always welcome. You can use the contact details on business cards, your website or business printed matter, and our virtual 010 number provides additional reassurance for your professional and business relations.

We also have various mail handling services, and you can arrange for us to pick up the mail on location.

Flexible working made easy
Would you also like to use your registration address as a representative office for your customers? Then keep our flex work package in mind, you can also rent your own workplace, and we regularly have some spaces available in our building - your office space grows with you.

Are you only looking for a registration address with which you can register for the Chamber of Commerce? This is already possible for a small monthly fee. You can also take advantage of flexible work solutions, meeting space, office space, our mail processing service and more. You can use a Chamber of Commerce business address for registration with the Chamber of Commerce, such as your BV or sole proprietorship. A registration address can also offer a solution if your company has a different legal form.

What do you actually want to use? Do you want to meet on location? Do you only wish to use the mail processing and the registration address? Or do you occasionally want to work on-site? Everything is possible. A registration address from our office saves you a lot in costs. Don't forget that with a fixed space, you often have to contend with inflected costs, gas/water/electricity, service costs, and some companies turn that into a business. With us, you have clarity with a transparent and affordable all-in-one price. You can take advantage of all the advantages, but without the disadvantages.

Chamber of Commerce (KvK) registration
To register with the Chamber of Commerce, you need an official Chamber of Commerce address. Our business centre can act as a business address, as opposed to a postal address. A postal address is sometimes referred to as a virtual office. With a postal address, you can, for example, mention the Rotterdam address on your business cards, website and use it as a mailing address for your company, although you cannot use it to register your company with the Chamber of Commerce.

With our business centre address, you can register your company with the Chamber of Commerce, making it possible to represent your company professionally. You can also work here and professionally receive your clients.

Who uses a business address?
A registration address is an outcome for many entrepreneurs and companies. For example, a starter, a freelancer or a self-employed person benefits from not revealing their private address to all business relations. Just think of all the buyers who check your company; they can then see your private home on Google maps.

However, the office is more than that; when it is necessary for you, you can receive customers here in the meeting rooms or work outside the door so as not to be disturbed and to get to work focused.

Benefits for starting entrepreneurs
For entrepreneurs who would like to open an extra branch for their company, whether they are located abroad or within the Netherlands, it is, of course, ideally suited to use a flexible office. We also offer virtual local telephone numbers so that you are always available for your customers.

In addition to a Rotterdam postal address and a Chamber of Commerce business address, you can also contact us for office spaces, flexible workplaces, meeting rooms and various facility services such as a virtual telephone number.

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