Why choose a corporate business address in the Netherlands

October 22, 2020
Why choose a corporate business address in the Netherlands

Updated on 4 August 2021

When you register a company with the Chamber of Commerce, you need a business address. There are advantages to registering a domicile address our help, but when will you benefit from this? And how do you register a business address for your private company or sole proprietorship?

Start-ups want to maintain their flexibility and low-threshold costs. Most start-up companies are not interested in multi-year leases for office space and hiring staff. However, you do need a corporate business address to register your company with the Chamber of Commerce.

When you choose a business address that is not the same as your home address, you separate your private affairs from your company affairs. You can also use your business address to present a better image to your suppliers; after all, it comes across as much more professional than a home address. And the business address can also be used as a mailing address, after which the mail can be sent to you by post, making you more flexible in your business.

You may also want to enter a new market; perhaps you currently work in Rotterdam and want to expand your company and services to Amsterdam. Then take a local business address, your customers will have more confidence in your services if you are a local entrepreneur.

Virtual office services

You can also use a virtual national 085 number for only a few euros per month. This number is forwarded to your mobile phone and is a quick way of looking much more professional to your business relations and customers.

Your business mailing address means that you can work from anywhere in the world, and your business mail will be sent to you via email. Ultra convenient and good for the planet!

Domicile address

When you provide services remotely, for example, an online service provider or web shop, it will come across as more professional to your clients when you have a business address for your company. In the Chamber of Commerce, your company is registered as a domicile address at our office location. When you provide online services, you are obliged to publish your Chamber of Commerce and VAT number on the website.

What can a corporate address do for your company?

Are you satisfied with your service offering, but do you feel you have the potential to bring in more customers? You just don't know exactly how? Then a change of business address could be a real turning point! By separating business and private life, you create more room for ideas, more time for your services and ensure that your business mail is always in order.

By partnering with us, you can enjoy the reputation of a prestigious office address without the high costs associated with renting an independent office building. All our subscriptions are fully customizable and extremely flexible because we only have one month's cancellation period. For a small investment, you can reap many rewards, which could finally make your business flourish. If you would like more information, please don't hesitate to contact our team; we will be happy to answer all your questions.

A Dutch business address for a foreign company?

If you work abroad and want to trade in the Netherlands, you can attract your potential customers by using a Dutch business company address. This increases your sales market considerably.

Your company will appear much more familiar with a Dutch representative, a Dutch telephone number and Dutch business address. You can also transfer your incoming calls to a virtual assistant, which is a professional telephone answering service where the employees answer the phone on behalf of your company.

You can register your company with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, apply for a local VAT number, opt for a local bank account and use a local Chamber of Commerce number.

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