The many advantages of a virtual office registered with the Chamber of Commerce

September 29, 2020
The many advantages of a virtual office registered with the Chamber of Commerce

With a virtual office, your company benefits from the look of a professional office without actually having to purchase your own office. This is enormously cost-effective and therefore, very beneficial for independent entrepreneurs from a wide variety of backgrounds.


A significant advantage of registering with the Chamber of Commerce by registering a virtual office is the more professional appearance that your company will get. It is also an effective way of separating your business and private life. All business correspondence goes through us! You can meet your customers and other business relations in one of our meeting rooms. This is better than the kitchen table! View the services and subscription types that we offer below.


Virtual office

As a self-employed person or someone who spends much of the year abroad, it is not always advantageous to rent your own office. This means that your company is registered at your private address and can be found accordingly. In addition, working from home can harm productivity. There are ways to separate business and private life, one of which is to take a virtual office at a multi-company building. We can quickly and easily arrange this for you.


What kind of services belong to a virtual office?

When you register with our virtual office service, you can expect the following:

  • Postal address or business address registered with the Chamber of Commerce
  • Mail handling
  • Local telephone number (can be managed via mobile app)
  • Use of a Flexi desk
  • Economical use of conference room
  • Business services


You can use our services for very reasonable fees. We have various packages from which to choose. Contact us for more information, and we will discuss the options and see what suits your company!

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