Chamber of Commerce registration address Amsterdam

December 15, 2020
Chamber of Commerce registration address Amsterdam

Are you a starting or established entrepreneur and are you trying to find a registration address to register in the trade register at, for example, the Chamber of Commerce? Or are you looking for a different location to strengthen your existing company and to welcome your clientele there?

Then you have come to the right place. We offer flexible business addresses based on your needs. With us, you will never be tied to your contract longer than you want, and you will receive the business address that suits you best. You can request a quote directly via our website. 

Numerous options for growth

Privacy is very important in the modern world, which is why many entrepreneurs strive to keep business and private life separate. Is that a priority for you? When you use one of our business addresses, you can register your company with the Chamber of Commerce without having to use your home address or have an expensive office. To use a business address as a location for your company, you must meet several conditions. For example, your business activities must take place at the site you use as the registration address. Fortunately, you don't have to be there all the time. If you have the opportunity to be available at the business address occasionally, it already counts as an official work location. It is therefore vital that your business address is completely adapted to your wishes. And that's what we come in. 

With us you can choose from:

  • Office spaces
  • Flexi desks
  • Meeting rooms

For a small fee, you already have a standard registration address that you can expand as you wish. In addition, you do not pay a deposit or registration costs with us, and there are no administration costs. Finally, our contracts are just as flexible as our locations: you can cancel with a one month notice period.

Handling Mail

We also offer a mail processing service. This is an excellent solution for entrepreneurs who do not want to be tied to one location or who travel a lot. However, it can also be useful for entrepreneurs who want to keep business and private life separate. Based on your wishes, we can send your mail to you digitally via a secure connection, add it to your document archive or keep it in your mailbox until you have the opportunity to collect it yourself. This way, wherever you are, you can always stay informed about essential mail items.

Note: one of our business addresses is not the same as a postal address (also known as a virtual office). 

Difference between a registration address, business address and virtual office or postal address:
A virtual office or postal address is not the same as a business address or registration address. A business address is an address where you can register your company in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce. A postal address or virtual office is an address at which you can or only want to receive (business) mail. This does not count as an official registration address for the Chamber of Commerce. If your company is already physically established, but you only need a postal address, you can also contact us. If you opt for a virtual office, you enjoy the same possibilities as with mail processing. You can contact our employees about this via the contact details below.

An overview of our services

  • Customization and options tailored to your wishes
  • Economically priced
  • Contracts that can be cancelled monthly
  • Business addresses in Amsterdam and Rotterdam
  • Friendly and customer-oriented staff

Do you need a business address? We would love to hear from you!

We are a fabulous choice for cheap office addresses with space for personalization and contracts that can be cancelled monthly as well as postal addresses. You can immediately request a quote without obligation or contact one of our employees for more information. Whatever you do, we've got you covered!

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