How can you improve the reliability of an online company?

November 12, 2020
How can you improve the reliability of an online company?

Since the rise of the internet, there has been a correspondingly been an enormous boom in online businesses. Historically, entrepreneurship or self-employment typically involved a trade or craft, which involved working from an office building or work shed with regular monthly expenses. This is no longer true: it is now possible to run your business from a beach in the Caribbean, while professions for which all you need is a Wi-Fi signal and a laptop proliferate.

However, there are negative aspects of this trend for online working. If an entrepreneur doesn't have an office building, it can be quite complicated to ascertain the legitimacy of a fledgeling company. After all, you can't simply pop in without an office building during the working day. It isn't surprising that fraud rates have increased in parallel with the flowering of online businesses.

How can you get hold of the business owner if there is a problem?

When people check out a business and discover that it lacks a corporate business address, they realize that they do not really know where an entrepreneur actually comes from, and this can cause alarm bells to ring. Someone can provide a home address, but this can be completely arbitrary because everyone is aware that customers are not likely to ring someone's home.

The same actually applies to you as a self-employed business owner. If your company or postal address is the same as your home address, many potential clients will probably question your services or products. Especially if you, as an online entrepreneur, have access to an online shop. Customers want to feel confident that their purchases will arrive after they have paid for them. And a company with a business address that properly checks out radiates much more confidence.

Other benefits of a business company address

If you manage an online business, you probably work from home a lot, especially at this time with coronavirus restrictions. This can be lovely and peaceful, but you may be at risk of experiencing social isolation in the long term. There are no colleagues to compare your ideas with and networking from home is almost impossible, apart from social media.

Things could vastly improve if it were possible to work several days a week with other similarly motivated entrepreneurs. You can make social contacts and enjoy working in a fully furnished office space, where you can also welcome clients. We also offer these additional services, as well as just supplying a registration address. You can alter your subscription every month until you are happy with the blend of services that meet the needs of your business.

Bespoke subscriptions for competitive prices

You can request a registration or business address from us for a fraction of the price that renting an independent office space would cost you. We also offer addresses at several urban locations in the Netherlands, in areas which have a reputation for international business, which will only boost the reliability and image of your online business.

Also, our buildings offer plenty of space for flexible working, both with other entrepreneurs in one area or in independent offices. There is always a subscription that suits your company, with which you can give your company a significant growth spurt. Visit our website for more detailed information about the subscriptions, services and prices

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