Rent an office address for a start-up or an expanding company?

November 17, 2020
Rent an office address for a start-up or an expanding company?

Updated on 19 February 2024

Entrepreneurs in the Netherlands and across the world are increasingly opting to expand their service offer. Organizations and companies in service sectors are suddenly snowballing, creating unmissable opportunities in particular. Think of an employment agency that decides to specialize in the cleaning sector or a consultancy that wants to open a branch, just the governmental services.

Growth can sometimes come as a surprise

Starting a new plan can be very enjoyable, but it is also vital to ensure proper planning, and this also applies to the exponential growth of your current business. Suddenly you urgently need to recruit extra people, even though you may not have space.

A business address where you can work flexibly is the ideal solution because you are not immediately tied to a long and rigid contract that you will find challenging escaping afterwards. We operate with flexible arrangements, which can be cancelled each month. Do you need space for three employees for six months? That's not a problem. Do you only need temporary accommodation for a few weeks? Just let us know.

No need to pause your daily activities

When you purchase a business address from us, including one or more flex desks, you can get started on location the same day. Many industries require quick actions to keep the daily business in operation. Not being able to accommodate employees and stagnating activities can be disastrous for a company. A flexible workplace offers a solution because your day-to-day business activities can continue as usual.

The issue that many entrepreneurs then encounter is that there is insufficient office space available to accommodate new employees. The new company or trade name will usually first have to generate sufficient turnover if you want to be able to rent an extra office building. We have a solution for this: a (temporary) office address where you can let your staff work flexibly.

Excellent for networking

If you are considering flexible workplaces for your most recent staff members, you will also enjoy the advantages that co-working entails in terms of many new contacts. This can be priceless, especially when you start a new company. At locations with flexible workplaces, you will come across a vast collection of different entrepreneurs and self-employed people, each of whom has something different to offer. Maybe you will come across the web designer you've been looking for months or a reliable bookkeeper? Everything is possible!

We offer business addresses, including the option of flexible working, which is extremely easy nowadays. We have several office spaces across cities in the Netherlands, where you can choose from individual workplaces and areas where you can sit at the table with several entrepreneurs. Of course, all our office spaces are fully equipped, and you can get started immediately upon arrival.

We offer a tailor-made package for every entrepreneur, with fixed prices, so that you will not be faced with unexpected costs. You can also cancel your subscription monthly. Have you found that beautiful new office building? Then you are not unnecessarily tied to a long-term contract. We are always on hand to help you with personal advice.

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