Have you ever thought about renting an address for your webshop?

February 23, 2021
Have you ever thought about renting an address for your webshop?

The number of webshops continues to grow steadily. In addition to the well-established large online shops, many small companies are offering unique and homemade products. However, even if you want to sell certain foreign products in the Netherlands, or if you want to compete with others, a webshop can prove to be a lucrative investment.

Nonetheless, if you want to radiate professionalism and convey a representative address to your customers, a business address for your webshop is absolutely essential. If the webshop gets off to a good start, you will build up a considerable customer base in no time. It goes without saying that it is more pleasant to work if you separate it from home life. In this article, we give you some tips about running a webshop professionally and safely.

A business address creates a professional impression

There are now so many webshops that consumers have become more agile in filtering professional and honest providers from the plethora of competing enterprises. Unfortunately, scams persist, and a product failing to arrive after payment is still not as rare as it should be. If you want to instil confidence in your company, a business address will be a big step forward.

After all, anyone can set up a web page from a living room, but consumers can only easily approach registered entrepreneurs with a proven business address. Investing in a business company address is the most obvious way to appear more professional and reputable to your clientele.

A business company address, allows you to maintain order and overview

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, a business postal address enables you to benefit from structured mail processing. With the help of digital processing, you no longer need to dig through vast piles of business and personal mail, and this certainly saves you several hours of work every month. We scan everything neatly for you, after which all correspondence is digitally accessible to you 24/7.

Angry customers? The best way of keeping conflicts at bay

Not everyone on the web is always friendly. In principle, if the service you provide is good and the products are presented fairly, you never have to worry about dissatisfied or even angry customers. But sour apples are unfortunately everywhere, and you will probably have to deal with a bad review or a complaint at some point.

In order not to interfere with your personal situation, a business company address will, in any case, prevent this customer from reaching you in your home environment. In this way, you have the necessary privacy and can handle and resolve disputes and complaints in a professional and organized manner. There is no need to worry about you or your family being confronted on your doorstep. 

Enjoy the advantages of a business registration address for a fixed amount per month

You can already enjoy all the above benefits for a small amount per month. Moreover, you can cancel your subscription with us every month; you aren't bound by a lengthy contract, which saves you high costs that run for an unnecessarily long period. Curious about all the options for your webshop? Contact us quickly for a bespoke offer that meets all your requirements.

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