Multiple trade names at one registration address? This is how it works

December 01, 2020

We all know the companies that carry multiple brands to the outside world, such as Unilever or Coca-Cola. However, multiple brands are not limited to international conglomerates. Freelancers also regularly use multiple external communications. Think, for example, of a webshop owner who serves numerous markets, perhaps a clothing store, a shoe shop and an accessories e-store.

The webshops are mutually linked, and this e-commerce entrepreneur is considering setting up a fourth webshop with free hair-styling tips for women. This webshop is, of course, connected with the others. It is just one example of how you can serve the market (or consciously different markets) using different brand names, aimed at different target groups. If, as an entrepreneur, for example, you want to split your profit, or, if your company is growing seriously, want to start working with a holding company from a BV, multiple trade names often arise.

How to start a business with multiple trade names

We are regularly asked whether it is possible to register several trade names at one registration address. The answer is yes, it is possible and perfectly legal. And it does not even entail any additional costs. We offer special packages for entrepreneurs with several companies. What we want to achieve is evident from our mission: our goal is to let start-ups and small entrepreneurs experience all the benefits of professional office space, without the frequently expensive disadvantages.

We aim to develop a kind of community in which you can work together in a pleasant, inspiring way. The idea behind it is not purely commercial but believe in acting as a source of information, as a sounding board. We have already helped so many entrepreneurs, and we are always happy to share that knowledge.

Business registration address in Amsterdam or Rotterdam

Our offer is based on market demand. We now know from our customers that they find a number of things necessary. Firstly, they want to be flexible. Our solution? You can cancel all packages monthly. Speed is often an essential factor. Our answer? Our contracts are usually drawn up within one day so that people can get started immediately. Finally, location is a weighty choice for start-ups. That is why we have opted for an offer in both Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Our buildings are centrally located, easily accessible by public transport and have a global presence that suits both business service providers and those working in the construction-related sector.

In accordance with Chamber of Commerce requirements

When you register one or more companies at a business registration address, you must meet several conditions. Pay close attention to this in the choice you make before going into business with a particular party. All our locations and contracts meet the requirements set by the Chamber of Commerce. This is also evident from the various options we offer: you can register not only a postal address with us but also a business address. Besides, you can choose to use our virtual office services, such as answering a telephone or having mail sent or scanned to your home address. Structurally or flexibly renting a temporary workspace is another one of our possibilities.

See us as your free source of information

Do you have any questions? Call or email us, we are happy to offer advice without any obligation.

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