The many benefits of a virtual address for your website or web store

November 05, 2020
The many benefits of a virtual address for your website or web store

Updated on 19 February 2024

As the owner of a start-up, it is essential to have a great website, or a website if you primarily sell products online. In 2019, it was estimated that people in the Netherlands ordered over 25 billion euros worth of online products and services and this is a trend that will undoubtedly increase over the next few years with the impact of the pandemic. Hence, it's clear that the digital sector is booming. Moreover, the Netherlands is among the top five European countries in terms of regular online shopping, so there are plenty of reasons to invest in a professional and secure website.

There are important aspects on which to focus, such as a distinctive and user-friendly design, well-researched marketing and a good product line. One thing that you may not have considered, however, is your business address. Let's explore the reasons why a virtual address could be beneficial for an entrepreneur.

Why do business-owners use a private address as their company address?

When people start a new business, they often register it at their home address, which is unsurprising as it saves money and renting business premises has become harder in the last few years. Rents are higher, and footfall is lower as more people buy online. It may seem, therefore, as if a business address is relatively insignificant, but this is not the case.

It is important to remember that a business address serves a different purpose to a virtual address, although they have much in common. Both can be listed on the website of the Chamber of Commerce, for example. This is possible, for instance, if you use your virtual address as a registered address. You can also choose to use a business postal address.

What exactly is a virtual address for your website?

A virtual address requires the payment of a monthly fee and can be used as a postal address to receive physical and virtual post. You can add this address on any media you use, such as business cards, flyers and advertisements for your website. A virtual address can be especially useful for a webshop if you have large amounts of customers as it allows you to set boundaries between your work and private life and it becomes harder for customers to contact you at home or outside working hours.

The fact that your company mail no longer arrives at your home address is also a very positive feature for this reason. By sending your mail to a different address, you will have more peace of mind at home. In addition, our services include an extra feature, namely the digital processing of your mail, so you can be sure you always have everything important to hand.

More advantages of a virtual address for your website

As well as a greater degree of privacy and improved organization in your administration, you can enjoy other options at our locations such as flexible working, conference rooms and various useful facilities. If you would like to find out more about our range of services, please get in touch, and we will be happy to offer advice on the many opportunities for your online company.

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