Virtual office address; ideal for freelancers

November 19, 2020
The many benefits of a virtual address for your website or web store

Updated on 19 February 2024

Could a virtual office address be the solution for self-employed people?
Many freelancers have chosen to start a company because they place a high priority on flexibility. More and more people are quitting their 9 to 5 office job and are beginning to exploit their talents on a self-employed basis. And why not? It has been proven many times that the happiest people love their jobs. Have you also decided to market your talents in this way? Then you will understand the feeling of freedom.

Freedom that you also have as a self-employed person is being able to determine where you work. Many freelancers work from home because this is the most cost-efficient and convenient solution. Over time, however, specific issues can build up and spoil the pleasure of working from home. A virtual office can offer a solution for almost all of these problems.

The disadvantages of working from home

Working at home is the ultimate dream for many entrepreneurs. You wake up, enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee or breakfast and start your work in peace. Nothing wrong with that. Nonetheless, working from home can still lead to complicated situations in the long run, which can take up a lot of your energy and time as a small business owner.
You may find it challenging, for example, to maintain the boundaries between work and family time. Do you have a family? Then noisy demands indoors can sometimes prevent you from staying focused. In addition, the mail also arrives together, so that you can miss essential documents. Are you ready for some more clarity in this area? Then you can opt for a virtual office address for your company.

More privacy for every self-employed person or sole proprietorship

A virtual business address is simply a business mailing address for your company. You can use this address for all your communications to your customers and business partners, such as your emails, on your website, business cards and all your other marketing materials.
The main advantage of a virtual address is the professionalism it generates. A business address is simply very different from a private address, which on its own can help your reputation in the short term! And your home address remains more private. Of course, your mail will stay separate, and if you purchase a virtual address from us, we will take care of receiving and forwarding your mail for you. This is a service which saves a lot of work, confusion and wasted hours.

Additional services to make working life more enjoyable?

Does a virtual address appeal to you, but would you actually like to get in touch with other entrepreneurs? Then why not opt to use our other services? Think of renting a flex desk or an independent space. We also offer several facility services that can make your working life more comfortable, so you have more time to use your talents, and entrepreneurship remains fun in the long term. Are you excited about these options? Just contact us, we will be happy to tell you everything you want to know.

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