Are you an entrepreneur, and would you like to appear professional to your existing and prospective customers? Would you also prefer to keep your work and private life separate? Then a business registration address is the ideal solution for you! With our services, you can already have such an address for only a small fee each month. You can read more about our service on this page and why it is a good idea to choose a business registration address.

What exactly is a business registration address?

A business registration address (also called a business mailing address or registration address) is a virtual office. The office, therefore, does not exist physically. You can enter the business registration address as the address of your company when registering your company with the Chamber of Commerce. Anyone who looks up your company in the register of the Chamber of Commerce will see your business registration address. You can also include the address on your website and invoices. And that has several advantages.

What are the benefits of a business postal address?

If you are a budding entrepreneur, you probably do business from home. You cannot (or do not want to) rent an office space yet. In this case, but also if you have been a business for some time, you will benefit from many advantages when you choose a business postal address.

The advantages are:

  • You can better safeguard your privacy;
  • You come across as more professional to customers and other entrepreneurs;
  • It is a cheap solution to keep work and private life separate.

Safeguarding your privacy

The most significant advantage of a business registration address is that you can use this address for your business. You can register your company at the business postal address at the Chamber of Commerce. This means that people will see the registration address when they visit your company and not your home address. Besides, you can also state the registration address on invoices and your website. This makes it considerably difficult for people to find out your home address and make unwanted visits to your home.

You come across as more professional to customers and other entrepreneurs

Besides the fact that a business registration address better guarantees your privacy, you will also come across as a lot more professional to customers and other entrepreneurs, thanks to such an address. And this is even more true when you select one of our registration addresses. All registration addresses that we offer are representative business addresses in the business centres of various major cities. By using such an address, you will undoubtedly professionalize the image of your company and leave a strong impression on customers and other entrepreneurs.

An inexpensive solution for keeping work and private life separate

Another major advantage of using one of our business registration addresses is that it is a relatively inexpensive solution for keeping work and private life separate. You do not have to rent a physical office space specifically to keep your work and personal life separate, and you can work wherever you want. For example, do you prefer to work from home or from a trendy coffee shop? Perhaps you would like to choose a different place to work frequently? With a virtual office, all of this is possible while maintaining a professional image.

Choose a business registration address with us!

There are plenty of reasons to choose a business registration address. Would you like to use one of our professional registration addresses and the excellent service that we receive when you register with us? Check out this page to see which package suits you best and register with us today!