Working at a top location is no longer very expensive!

March 23, 2021
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Have you always dreamed of starting a business in Amsterdam? And to enjoy the creativity, freedom and opportunities that this great city offers? Or perhaps you prefer Rotterdam? With the world-famous port and a colourful selection of well-known organizations and multinationals, you can undoubtedly achieve success in this dynamic location. 
In any case, this is now possible without having the hassle of moving. And this opens a lot of doors for starting entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs! Simply by changing the current mailing address or business address of your company. You will not only have access to a business address but (if you wish) also a place in the centre of both cities to be able to work (flex) on location.

A business postal address can boost your business

More and more entrepreneurs are choosing to provide their company with a business address. This offers various advantages, so you can get rid of the confusion that the mail continuously creates. Receiving your business and personal correspondence mixed in many cases leads to a few hours of sorting through; you can put the hours into your company which is much more worthwhile.

You can also include a business postal address on your website and in your emails and all other media with which you communicate with customers. This leads to an improved, more professional image and clients will inevitably have more confidence in your services. Customers now have the opportunity to visit you physically, at least in their opinion.

You can also immediately change the business address of your company.

Are you convinced of the above benefits? And do you actually want to go a step further by immediately converting the Chamber of Commerce address? Then we recommend changing the business address of your company. For example, your new business registration address in Amsterdam or Rotterdam will also be visible on the Chamber of Commerce website, and no one can easily find out your home address. And this significantly contributes to your sense of privacy.

What can you do from the flex locations?

Once you have a business postal address or business address at Easystart Office in Rotterdam or Amsterdam, there are many other services that you can use. We offer a wide selection of flex workplaces, both in communal areas and in the form of independent offices.

Naturally, all our locations also offer the necessary facilities such as printing equipment, telephones, spacious workplaces, and spaces where you can sit around the table with fellow entrepreneurs. You can also receive your clients in the same rooms; we offer several spacious meeting rooms for such purposes. But the most important advantage is, of course, your access to everything that Rotterdam and Amsterdam have to offer!

You can quickly get in touch with like-minded flexi workers, go out together or alone and enjoy the many opportunities this environment can offer your company. Our subscriptions are flexible, competitively priced and can be cancelled monthly. This way, you can try out which package or location suits you best, without being tied to any long-term contracts.

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