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July 22, 2021
Easystart Office Opent Een Nieuwe Locatie In Amsterdam Centrum

Amsterdam is a wonderful choice for starting a new business as the capital of the Netherlands offers almost so many benefits for budding entrepreneurs. An international business hub, good potential for growth and a wide variety of possible clients. An Amsterdam business address can also prove helpful, especially for people who live in the suburbs.

Here are eight reasons why Amsterdam is highly recommended as a location for starting a new business:

1. Amsterdam has a history of trade that stretches back for hundreds of years.
A forward-looking attitude and a friendly attitude towards ex-pats keen to work in the capital is ingrained in Dutch culture. Although Amsterdam has a village-like feel in many ways, it undoubtedly has the outlook of a global city.

2. English is widely understood
Most people in Amsterdam speak and understand English very well. In fact, a decade ago, the municipality of Amsterdam voted to record English as an official language of the city. However, learning Dutch if you plan to reside in the city is highly recommended.

3. Excellent access
Amsterdam's geographical position and its world-class transport and travel infrastructure mean that access to practically every major port in the world is possible. Plus, there are excellent rail and road routes to neighbouring Germany, France and Belgium.

4. A straightforward and helpful attitude to company registration
The Dutch Chamber of Commerce or KvK has an extremely helpful website full of advice for people starting a new company, setting out the possible options and ways of structuring your business in the most tax-efficient way. Compared to many other countries, bureaucracy in the Netherlands is non-intimidating and straightforward. Plus, there are also plenty of tempting tax breaks.

5. Great quality of life
Amsterdam offers an excellent standard of living for families and single people with a thriving cultural scene, a good work-life balance and good access to the surrounding countryside.

6. Lots of support
You will find plenty of support for new businesses in the capital, and many legal and accounting firms specialise in helping internationals.

7. Networking opportunities
If you're interested in seeking investors, clients, a work hub, suppliers or a place to discuss ideas, Amsterdam is filled with like-minded people and businesses interested in connecting and working together.

Amsterdam city council has specific departments to facilitate interaction and stimulate growth within certain sectors such as finance, ICT, fashion, logistics, science, or media.

8. A good place to recruit multinational talent
The large ex-pat community means that Amsterdam is ideally placed to hire talented and highly motivated people, almost certainly with good levels of business English. As the right employees are vital to the success of a new company, one of the most significant challenges facing any new business is relatively easy to overcome.

For more information about setting up a new business in Amsterdam, please get in touch. Our location managers will be happy to assist you!

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