Establishing a company in Rotterdam

November 26, 2020

Establishing a company in Rotterdam? Read our advice:

It is a significant issue for starting entrepreneurs: where is the best location for my company? On the one hand, the big city is tempting, on the other, the tranquillity of the countryside might appeal. In this blog, you can read three practical tips about choosing your business location. We have chosen Rotterdam as an example as it is one of the largest cities in the Netherlands.

Consider accessibility

It is not self-evident for everyone has their own transport. Look at your target group and estimate whether a central business location is essential. If your building is near the Central Station of a large city, state this on the contact page of your website. The same applies if you are easily accessible from, for example, the A2 or if there is free parking at your building.

Just as you are online where your customers are, you are also where your customers want you. If you prefer to post on Instagram, but your customers are mainly active on LinkedIn, it makes sense to publicize your company messages there. And if you love the country, but your clients are mostly based in the city centre, you need to be there. Of course, it does not mean that you have to live there, renting a virtual office or choosing your business registration address is advisable at that location that makes sense to your clientele.

Think about your company image

You've probably come across this scenario before: a company that looked a million dollars online turns out to be located in an old warehouse on a run-down industrial estate. And with that, your first positive impression is quickly forgotten. This is precisely how customers think about your company. And your location when they visit you for the first time so it's important to choose the best you can afford to inspire confidence and convince a customer to deal with you.

Think globally

Everyone in the world knows the four major cities of the Netherlands: Utrecht, The Hague, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Think beyond your current company: where do you want your company to be in three years? And even five years from now? Is your product or service suitable for international sales? Keep this in mind when choosing your virtual or physical business location. Also, take the extension of your website with you: if you want to do business abroad in three years, .com is more appropriate than .nl. And your company name should also stand out internationally.

Would you like more information about establishing your company in Rotterdam? Then visit our website. You will find all kinds of useful tips and advice. Would you prefer to get started right away in Rotterdam or Amsterdam? Contact us, and we'll make your dreams a reality.

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