Rent a cheap office room in Amsterdam or Rotterdam

May 22, 2021
Rent an office address for a start-up or an expanding company?

Are you interested in renting an office space in Amsterdam Rotterdam? Please read our blog to find out why either of these cities has plenty to offer!

Rotterdam is the second-most populous city in the Netherlands. The city is the place to establish your company. There are various offices for rent in Rotterdam for both freelancers and large companies. But why would you settle in Rotterdam with your company? Well, this port city is easily accessible internationally. Large multinationals are settling in and near the port area. The port of Rotterdam is the busiest in all of Europe! In addition, you and your relations travel easily and quickly throughout Europe via the airport 'Rotterdam The Hague Airport.

Amsterdam, on the other hand, is the capital of the Netherlands and the city with the most inhabitants, more than 800,000. The city is known for its characteristic buildings, the bustling centre, the many amenities, and the canals. Amsterdam is also referred to as the Venice of the North. Partly because of all this and the fact that Amsterdam is easily accessible, this makes the city an excellent location for doing business and establishing your office space.

Excellent transport links
Amsterdam has no fewer than 11 train stations, 500 tram stops and 25 bus lines. Due to the number of train stations, tram stops, and bus stops, all office spaces are easily accessible from all over the country. You can also avoid the traffic jams in this way, and you will not be late for an appointment. Curious about other office buildings at public transport locations? Also read: Office space with good accessibility? Rent at these public transport locations.

As described, Amsterdam and Rotterdam are easily accessible by public transport. Do you receive many international customers? Then the location of Schiphol International Airport is ideal. The airport is located at a distance of 23 kilometres from Amsterdam. In this way, your office building is also easily accessible for international customers. With public transport, a taxi or an Uber, your international customers will be at their destination in no time. This makes a visit to your organisation a lot more attractive.

Lots of potential workers
There are 14 colleges and two universities in Amsterdam, and Rotterdam also has two universities, so finding staff will present no problem. Think of interns, graduates, and students looking for a part-time job and graduates looking for a permanent job. The collaboration with students can not only provide staff for your organisation but enable possible questions of the organisation to be answered by the students.

Knowledge is power. Solving certain issues of your organisation often costs a lot of time and money. Interns and graduates can answer these questions relatively cheaply. With the current knowledge of the students and the guidance of teachers from the field, this may be the solution for you—a real win-win situation.

Networking opportunities
In a major city, such as Amsterdam or Rotterdam, there are regular events and trade fairs. These are ideal for expanding your network because you reach a large group of people. In addition, network meetings make it possible to build up your business relationships in an easy and fast way.

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